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Lanzarote - 4 yo KWPN gelding by Cape Coral RBF Z x Hold up Premier (video)

Let us present You LANZAROTE - new jumping machine in Future Stars family 🏇🏻🚀💥😁

Mother Vagrusa H gave the 1.55m horse Coocanusa (Aniek Poels), the 1.50m horse Duduza (Emile Tacken) and the 1.30m horses: Banff, Everest and Hancock. His second mother, Ragrusa H, jumped at 1.60m level with Barbara Schnieper and gave the 1.35m horse Ragrusa vom Eigen. Fourth mother Varusa gave the 1.60m horse Beatle, the 1.40m horse Laruso H and the 1.30m horses: Haruso and Tagrusus H. Furthermore, we find the 1.60m horses Kimber and Wittinger VDL and the 1.45m horses Chilli Pepper and Giruso H.


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