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FUTURE STARS SPORTHORSES MANAGEMENT can offer two types of professional horse trucks, both produced by renown Dutch company Roelofsen Horse Trucks, known worldwide for bringing outstanding quality without compromise, since the horse compartment is always the most vital part of their trucks.


Our vehicles are reliable for long-distance journeys and, as expected by the European community, we pay close attention to the well-being of the horses, ensuring maximum safety in order to make the journey as less tiring as possible. Both of our horse trucks have systems for visual monitoring via a camera positioned inside the travel compartment in order to monitor the horses during their journey.  In case of a long trip, we have various locations in Europe and in the national territories in order to guarantee a comfortable stop overs for all horses.



For the transport of one or two horses we provide Prados Sport van, which is the ultimate in safety, convenience and comfort for humans and horses.

  • astening point brest bar with emergency unlocking mechanism

  • safety bar with wind stop in the opening of the sideramp

  • shock-absorbing anti-slip floor

  • anti-slip side ramp

  • dividing doors between the horse area and the tackroom

  • design glass-in-glass window

  • partition on rail system which is easy to move

  • kick cushions with sound absorbing effect

  • monitor with camera system for the horse section and reverse driving

  • temperature monitor for the horse section


For the transport of three up to six horses we provide RR6 Mercedes - Benz Actros horse truck with safe loading platform, access ramps and folding stairs, all providing safety during loading and unloading.

  • partition with bending system

  • partitions are easily adjustable, every 10 cm both front and back

  • durable rubber floor with a soft underlayer

  • sliding windows in front of and behind the horses

  • led lightning in the horse compartment

  • electric fans for ventilation

  • inner door giving access to living compartment

  • monitor with camera system for the horse section and reverse driving

  • temperature monitor for the horse section


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